Buffilous - Rules of Engagement with trifling niggaz


Buffilous_Dancehall_SexyGirls_sexy_girls_models.jpgBrooklyn, Bronx, Fort Lauderdale, ah long time mi no talk to oonu, mi did a go through a bad phase again wah day ya wid mi wukless man and it crash me head. But instead of feeling depressed, mi just ah go get up and talk up a whole heap a tings 'cause the truth shall set you free. Confession good for the soul, can I tell you Jamaica?

Imagine, look how me a play decent, and mi nah go street from wah day ya, ah just mi kids dem mi a tink 'bout because fi tell yu de truth, mi gi him bun, mi get some, but it look like me shoulda give him the whole haberdashery the way him ah violate me wid him dutty batta ears gal dem a Jamaica and foreign. Yea, mi come fi talk the tings dem.

1. Be honest, give the people dem back dem tings when oonu fall out and the relationship dead. Don't steal, this go for the man dem likewise.

2. Now, ladies, doan be no fool fi no man. Don't put yu life on the line fi yu man if him is a baller and a hustler, doan run no road fi no man. Never call the po-pop on your man, even if he is deadbeat lowlife m-f$#er.

3. Don't fall in love. Don't breed fi dem, just like how dem leave the next one, ah same way dem a go leave yu out inna the cold with nothing.

4. On a different note, men need fi understand the PMS ting and relationships will work a little, when your girl is PMSing, she will murder yu, she will lef you 27 times in one month, because she just unbalanced emotionally…yu have to be compassionate and see wid har.

5. Don't let them put yu in situations where dem can use yu and mek yu tek the fall fi dem. Think about your kids first, dem niggaz ya no worth yu time.