Bounty Killer and Julie back together again?


Sting2006_Bounty_killer_beenieman_sexygirls_sexy_girls.jpgWah dis mi a hear? Bounty and his sweet Indian babymother Julie Rambally ah party together at Quad. A wah really a gwaan? Tings nice again, the assault court case done, him a tek care of him son wid har and dem a live good. Mi wonder if the Warlord mek a New Year's resolution or what fi be nicer inna the 2007. Who next him a go friend back, Beenie and Baby Cham? Murder!


How Elephant love wine off girl and dem friend so? Mi know say it woulda cause a problem eventually. Ah me fi tell yu! Him cause two best friend fi split up because him ah wine the two ah dem, and after that, dem start war over the anaconda and a pure tings, 'cause one ah dem get a cut inna her face weh long like a trainline and it nah go heal so easy because my girl bleach the hell out of her face.


Yesterday was Vybz Kartel's birthday and him celebrate it with crazy liquor. He shares birthdays with other famous people like Nicholas Cage, Katie Couric, star of CBS Evening News, and the musician Paul Revere. Stephen McGregor of Big Ship also celebrated a birthday yesterday and there was a function at the studio to share the moment with family and friends.


Mavado ah go de a show at the Legacy Nightclub inna Atlanta, Georgia at the end of this month, it ah go mad. Mavado ah the hottest singjay inna Jamaica right now, 'Last Night', 'Weh Dem a Do', 'Bawl Dem a Bawl', see him all buy a X5 already. The whole ah Cassava Piece proud of him, gwaan my yute.


Linton Foster and Carol from Butterfli Wings hosted a treat for the kids in Burnt Savannah, St. Elizabeth where they gave out books, crayons, pencils and trophies for good behaviour and excellent grades. The whole community turn out and de adults dem come back fi the dance inna the night but Ricky Trooper neva show up. Still, the dance did gwaan good same way. Dem fly in from foreign every year fi bring some joy to the youths of the community, mi love for St Elizabeth people always ah give back. Gwaan do yu ting, Butterfli Wings.


KC took time off from the set of his latest movie, 'Ego' to send money to host a treat for blind kids at the Salvation Army institutions so that they could put on a Xmas treat with gifts and great food for the 100 plus kids at the school. Well done, KC, yu a give back some money to the community. We love see them tings de.


How dem hold Mamaree from Candy Shop crew inna the Bronx fi travel pon somebody else black book? Mamaree, hold up your head up in MDC at the Brooklyn-Manhattan bridge. We praying for you.

What a way the two uptown yute dem a fight ova chillum pipe and one allegedly kill the other one by stabbing him 21 times? Condolences to both families, especially the family of Khalil, who was a paranoid schizophrenic and battled the disease for several years.

How dem a kill off the police dem so? Condolences to the families of the three cops killed this week.

Why Wickerman fight off the security guard at Asylum nightclub when dem no waan him bring in 100 man wid him like him a big artiste?

What is going to happen wid Milk and Liquid? No wedding bells?

Which gal de wid entertainer and every day dem bruk?

Can Kip Rich and Black-er friend back?

When Prodigy ah go tie the knot with Chrissy D? Ah Valentine's Day fi true, she's in love with a man who is almost half her age. Mad!

When Kartel ah go shoot the 'Baby Daddy' video with D'Angel? That ah go sick!

How the lesbians dem a move so wicked, all ah try rape off the schoolgirl dem?

Big ups to Rihanna who topped the recent Barbados Music Awards with all of six awards. Big up Tamara who de pon magnum Return of Ka ka lee dance did mad last week. Big up Nicey, Shawna, and the Tek Set Girls, Out and Bad Tash, Strawberry Girls, Golba and Mama Bird. Big up Buju Fabulous, Pinky Fabulous, Anna Matterhorn, Gillian. Big up dancers like Kadillac, Colo Colo, Black Bling, Short Man, Sample 6, D & G, Overmars Shelly Belly, Terry Fire, Strength, Bonecrusher, and Never Scared