Fearless Records Camp focuses on bussing young artistes


Photo by: Carlington Wilmot

Fyakin_sexygirls_dancehall_reggae_sex.jpgThe recording company Fearless Records has released the latest Fyakin single, 'Free the Rasta', to local disc jockeys which is getting a lot of love from FM radio.

Fyakin is the flagship artiste of the Fearless Records camp as it seeks to establish itself as a force to reckon with in the industry in 2007.

"We are trying to focus on Fyakin right now, we're not going to overwhelm ourselves with too many productions and we like the feedback we're getting from everyone so far on the 'Gun Season' rhythm with the duo, Serenity. However, we feel that Fyakin is going to be the next big thing," 'Fearless', head of Fearless Records, said.

In the meantime, Fyakin is growing from strength to strength. He was booked on GT Taylor's Magnum Xtravaganza on Xmas Day 2006 and he recently performed his popular single, 'They Don't Know' at a dance in Waterford, St. Catherine. You can check out Fyakin’s profile at myspace.com/fyakin.

The Portmore-based Fearless Records has also signed a bunch of talented artistes to its roster such as Serenity, Confident, Jah Lonzo and Rattigan. On the Easy rhythm, the singles which have been gaining attention on FM radio are Jah Lonzo's 'Free', 'Suffering' by Rattigan, 'Stress' by Confident and 'Gun Season' with Serenity, a duo of two girls.

"I have always been around the business, I am friends with a lot of artistes, when they come to the US, I would pick them up as friends and carry them around, then I got into the sound system game. The sound system was introduced to me by Cobra, who gave me two dubs, and suggested why yu don't build a sound fi yourself. I thought about it, we came up with a name, came up with Fearless and Cobra sort me out with my first set of dubs. So I was in teh business for a while, and I was by Wong studio, and a guy by Capone introduced me to the girls, Serenity. They did a song for me, and I tried it and I just got deeper into it," Fearless explained.

Fearless believes in 'bussing' young artistes and is willing to go against the conventional wisdom of established producers who choose to work almost exclusively with popular acts.

"People feel I am different from other producers, especially with the girls, who have experienced things with other producers who try to trick them and get into their pants, or try to exploit them. So i was different in that way, and people just gravitate towards me. I want to work with just young artistes who I know are good, talented and need the break and the producers always focus on the big artistes, so I didn't like that, so I tried this approach, and now, ah just pure young artiste mi ah push," he explained.

He built the Fearless Recording studio in August of last year. It is located in Old Braeton in Portmore.

"People say it is one of the best in Portmore and Kingston and the artistes gravitate towards it, Frisco, Cobra, Bascom X, Guidance, all of them have gone there and say it is excellent...right now, mi just have the love for the music and hopefully, something can come out of it," Fearless said.