Dancehall artiste Vybz Kartel will not be a Mafia



More soap opera in the business, what a way to start off the New Year, last week Beenie man declared on a local television show (On Stage) aired on CVM saying that the lyrical genius Vybz Kartel will be one of the few artistes that will be sign to Mafia House. But when di news hit the streets Vybz Kartel refuted Beenie Man's statement. Kartel said a just the other day him manage fi get him self out of the too controlling Alliance, so why him would left dat to live the life of an Mafia - nuh more mix up and tie up with no other label, apart from completing his album for Greensleeves.

Roache and Vybz Kartel beef

Mi seh people, mi almost cry when mi watch di interview with Vybz Kartel former road manager Roach, mi can si that di man really hurt with what's going on but him a big man and Kartel a big man so there is no need for the crying. But Roach a real big man who nuh depend pon nuh man because him seh Kartel even offer fi move him out of di ghetto and get him an apartment and he refuse to take the offer because him nuh believe inna seh a next man must pay him rent.

Roach even buss the secret saying is a girl a lead the deejay a stray. Kartel remember dat you a married man so the only girl fi lead you a stray is your wife. But mi have a strong reason Roach was crying under them big eye glasses - wipe yuh tears Roache and move on because you new riddim sell off.
Hush Roache, nothing last forever, mi nuh seh it hurt you because you did really lookout for di deejay.

Sting big ups

People ohnu know dat me always tell di truth if it nuh go so, it near go so. Mi go Sting and some of the best performance them nuh get highlighted by di press - all di people dem a wait pon was the clash between Beenie Man, Bounty Killer, Vybz Kartel and Idonia, and guess what dat never gwaan. So me ago big up all the artistes who gave a magnificent performance but never got much applaud by the press. I Wayne yuh large mi like di performance, Richie Spice di do a thing but him coulda do better, people mi not going to be bias Buju lock di place but him stay pon stage too long. And what a way how the people them stand up and look pon Busy Signal, after Busy step out in a him black di people a look pon him like seh him come from another planet.