Beenie Man loses chief songwriter - Don Mafia


Photo by: Carlington Wilmot
YardFlex Photo Editor


According to sources close to the self–proclaimed King of Dancehall, his main hit songwriter Carl Udah aka Don Mafia has left for greener pastures. Don Mafia, who has written some of Beenie Man's most memorable hit songs, has since signed with a relatively unknown production company, which reportedly signed Don Mafia exclusively for an undisclosed seven figure sum for the next five years.

The deal covers exclusive rights for production, artist and publishing
management including collecting outstanding publishing payments owed to Don

Since signing with the company he has released a single entitled "Mafia World" supported by a Breakthrough Video shot by up and coming Video Director Macedon of Grillaras Productions. His underground single, "Pilot", a ricochet of Buju Banton "Driver" is flying through the dancehall and is set for commercial release in early December.