Glen Washington teams up with Willie Lindo for new album


Claude Mills
YardFlex Writer

glenwashington_reggae_dancehall_bob_marley.jpgGlen Washington, who endured a two-week incarceration in the Chrome Detention Facility in South Florida last year, has put that bad experience behind him and is working with successful producer Willie Lindo on a new album.

"Everything nice now, but mi did go through a tribulation, but now, it show that all negative can turn to positive. Mi have nuff music, a new album is on the way on Willie Lindo's Heavy Beat label. We have a portion of tracks, 16 of which are complete, we plan to use a few of those on the album. We have some hard songs...during my two weeks in Chrome, I wrote 12 songs during that time, so they are really powerful songs," he told

One of those completed tracks is simply titled 'Chrome'.

Interviewer: What was the Chrome experience like?

"I have to deal with the experience on a certain level, God bless me and me come through it alright. Everyone thought I would have been deported, people say dem all see me a Jamaica, and many more felt I would soon be in Jamaica...that situation helped me to know my real friends, who is in my corner and who is not in my corner. I heard some things that people say some terrible things about me, but I love everybody the same, I love them the same, mi a love mi way out of this...the music I make is to edify and educate, not separate. War is not the answer, only love can conquer," he said.

Washington performed at a show over the weekend with a band called Code Red in the Top Hop club in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. There is a great demand for Glen Washington to perform in overseas markets.

"We have things coming up, I will be going back to East Africa in February passing through Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda. Plus, we have a tour of Europe, some of which were dates which had been lined up but had been postponed because of my incarceration. 2007 is going to be a good year for me and my band."