Who owns Shocking Vibes, Patrick Roberts or Beenie Man?


Beenie_man_shockingvibes_bounty_killer_sexygirls_dancehall.jpgPatrick Roberts says that he owns Shocking Vibes. Beenie Man says he owns Shocking Vibes. As of January 1st, 2007, the two ah dem ah go part ways permanently. There will be a big press conference next week fi announce the changes and how the new-look Shocking Vibes will function. Nuff things ah go reveal and we ah go de de fi report it to you.

PAULA AND SPICE: Portmore Artistes at War

It seems like di box weh Spice get lead har to call and threaten Queen Paula pon Christmas Day? And how she nah tek on Queen Paula when Paula ah walk and ah tell the world say her tings "big like We Are the World'. Wah Spice feel like? She waan call up people name and nobody nuffi call up fi har name. Everybody tun dictator inna the business now.


Angel ah the real woman inna the business. Is a Range Rover she ah drive now, she gone roun everybody, ah 12 million dollar fi dem, and only Anthony B mi can memba as artiste who drive one. She is a real downtown girl living an uptown life. Ah now dem a go hate har. Anso!


How Lutan Fyah blaze such a wicked fire ova Jamworld? The man surprise me when him a bun out the pervert dem

Who is Denise Smith from Topline Entertainment?

Why Black-er throw a stone inna Kip Rich BMW?

Who shot the fifteen year old boy over Sting pon Boxing Day?

Ah true say 'Border Clash' ah return fi big up all the Spanish Town deejays dem?

Wha ah go happen with the Alliance album next year?

When Yeshemabeth ah go tek it to dem? She have some wicked song mi hear pon the radio, but me nah see no street promotion. What a gwaan?

How Busy Signal, Elephant and Capleton just flop so at Sting 2006?

Why Twins of Twins neva perform? It come in like Laing violate dem wicked star.