Spice don't know me like that (to use my song)' - Erup


erup_sting_2006_dancehall_sexygirls_reggae_beenieman.jpgDeejay Erup, whose hit song 'Say Dem a Gangster', is arguably the most popular song at the high-adrenaline dancehall sessions across the country. This is what Erup has to say about deejay Spice's version - not a counteraction.

"Is a two-fold ting, she a promote it to a level when she is on stage shows and doing it, and mi woulden want to stop from doing that because is promotion, but the thing is, she doan know me like that, and the negativity, mix up and controversy she ah bring to my song again, that ah something fi look pon. It reach the fact that she ah get box over my song, so while I have no problem with her using my song, she need fi talk to me because she doan know me like that," he told YardFlex.com

Erup, who hails from Rockfort in east Kingston, is a member of Ricardo 'Bibi' Gardner's 'Heart of Love' camp which also includes Taru and Management.