Alliance Ambush in the cards? - "No clash at my thing"


Alliance_Sting2006_Bounty_killer_busysignal_mavado.jpgNew York, Miami, Portmore, Spanish Town, Mobay, what a gwaan inna the business? Crazy mix-up, who ah sexually harass who? Who ah beat up dem baby mother? Who doan buy dem kids no Xmas present? Yu nuh hear Buju say 'mi have a Cable and Wireless phone and a Digicel chip...' and mi nah stop burn up dem up fi chat 'bout oonu dutty life inna the 2007. Happy New Years anyway.

Sources close to Bounty Killer's camp have suggested that Bounty Killer is planning to ambush Beenie Man on New Year's Eve at either the family fun day event, Reggae Campfire or at roots rock festival 'Original Dancehall Jam Jam', two decidedly Rastafarian shows.

Beenie Man is booked for Reggae Campfire, and had invited Killer for a clash at that event. However, Bounty Killer is not booked for that show, and has publicly declined said invitation. However, Bounty Killer will be at Original Dancehall Jam Jam, raising questions of a possible impromptu face off between the bitter rivals. The Reggae Campfire promoter have already thrown cold water over the idea. And now, the promoters of Original Dancehall Jam Jam have followed suit

"No clash caan come ah my ting," promoter Coco Tea told" That's not the idea behind my show."