Why did the King of Dancehall - Beenie flee?


Photo by: Carlington Wilmot


Mi de ah the show and watch Beenie ah retreat from the clash wid Bounty but if dem did clash wid the entourage them close by, and so much animosity, there woulda be a fight ponstage. Memba how the bredda dem hate each other. Look pon Alliance, dem claim say dem a friend and yet the whole ah dem have fistfight ponstage at Mavado's Birthday Bash, so what woulda happen between Beenie and Bounty. If the clash did gwaan, it woulda be a calamity inna the crowd.

Physical Clash at Stadium

This is a psychological victory fi Killa 'cause Beenie ah tease him and give it to him the whole year, but the fans dem get robbed. Mi have the solution though, we fi get Don King fi come in and promote a fight between the two of them and call the promotion 'YardFlex Face Off' (we waan some money outta it too) and keep it ah National Stadium, a lyrical clash caan resolve 13 years of animosity, dem need a physical clash. On another note, if something no gwaan this weekend between the two ah dem, mi ah go call the two ah dem clown, dem anno real gangsta, dem have too much fi lose right now.

Both Beenie and Bounty ah punk, dem just a trick the people so dem can stifle everybody else and stay pon top, memba ah Bounty dem a tease 'bout BUSH IT, BUSH IT, and now Beenie ah pull off a Bounty Run.

Dem no fool me. The real artiste dem a man like Buju, I-Wayne (who get one of the biggest forward dem a Sting), Sizzla Kalonji, Chuck Fenda and man like all Gyptian and Lutan Fyah. Dem man de ah real artiste, everybody else ah tomatis.