Bounty Killer is firmly convinced that Beenie Man is a coward


By: Jigga Mattic
Photo by: Carlington Wilmot


Bounty Killer is firmly convinced that Beenie Man is a coward and that he is running from a lyrical clash with him.

"Bounty tired ah the whole ting, and win or lose, him ah go challenge Beenie, Beenie ah antagonize him fi years, mek we do it and dun it so everybody can, other people ah get involve, Mavado and Spice, the whole heap a chain reaction, him did prepare fi finish it, him plan fi settle and Beenie run," Michael Lunan, a spokeperson for Bounty Killer, told

"Bounty inna the bus, we listen when Busy de pon stage and Idonia ah perform. I was in the parking lot ah listen to Kartel, and when Beenie go onstage, me outside ah talk to Sharon, and then me see Rodney and entourage ah move towards the stage, Rodney start run towards the side gate, and we run wid him and buss it open and him bounce upon the stage, the man did well want the challenge."

Beenie, in an interview yesterday, claimed that both Mavado and Busy Signal had microphones in their hand, when they rushed the stage along with Bounty Killer.

"Tristan and the police dem a war...him up inna Bounty Face, it could have been an ugly situation so mi leave, mi neva get pay fi no clash," Beenie Man said.

Lunan also denied that Busy Signal and Mavado were there.

"Signal was backstage by himself, and Mavado, neither anybody from Mavado's entourage was in the stage area, just Bounty entourage, and him did tell everybody else ease off, mek him alone go stage front. When Bounty appears, Beenie ran."

Lunan also suggested that Beenie Man control members of his entourage, especially a man called 'Tristan'.

"Tristan should never go up inna Bounty face, Tristan is a common thug, no business inna Beenie and Bounty affair, him is not a deejay, better him come inna one of Bounty entourage face. How fi go impertinent fi go up in the icon face? When Tristan come up inna him face, Bounty fold him arm, and yu know how Bounty aggressive, him woulda normally get ignorant, but him cool and ah deal wid diplomacy, him no waan no melee so him can get blame and Beenie still fled."

"We give him space, the business no get no justice, Beenie tek Ruff Kut, Beenie tek Angel, Bounty have him son, and look how Beenie try get close to Kartel, him tired of the provocation, so him try fi settle it in a non-violent way."

There were several standout performances at Sting including Buju Banton, Lutan Fyah, Chuck Fender, Gyptian, Erup, Mavado, and Idonia. Bounty Killer was his brilliant best earning several forwards as he called out Beenie Man to a clash, and I-Wayne was amazing earning forwards for almost every single drawn, including 'Life Seeds'. One of the night's biggest ovations was for Buju Banton hit the stage singing 'Me and Oonu' on the Wipeout rhythm, and the crowd almost lost its collective mind. He earned an encore and delivered his monster hit, 'Driva' with the crowd singing almost every word.

Both Beenie and Bounty got booed from fans during their performances, showing how deeply partisan the crowd was, but were able to sing tunes that drowned out the dissent of their detractors

Will Beenie and Bounty clash at Original Jam Jam or at Reggae Campfire this weekend? Will it be resolved once and for all? This weekend will answer all those questions. Stay logged onto for the next episode.