Bounty Killer rushes Sting stage to challenge Beenie Man


Beenie apologises to Spice for box

By: Jigga Mattic
Photos by: Carlington Wilmot


Sting 2006 came to an anti-climactic end this morning after deejay Bounty Killer was prevented from going onstage to challenge Beenie Man by security personnel and a prominent member of Beenie Man's entourage.

Although the situation was quickly defused, anxious patrons began to file for the exits after both deejays, Vybz Kartel and Beenie Man left the stage after a minor tussle. At least two bottles were thrown at the stage, and a reporter spotted a patron being subjected to an efficiently executed beating to the face at the hands of uniformed police officers. Some disgruntled fans, obviously mistaking the backstage area for some lopsided Israeli-Palestinian turf war, threw large stones at heavily armed cops 'roughing up' the young man. Luckily, no one was injured by the stones and no guns were discharged in the brief face-off betweens fans and the cops.

Before Bounty Killer attempted to go onstage, the show had been going admirably well. Vybz Kartel got major forwards from his hometown audience for hit songs such as 'Beyonce Wine', 'Tick Tock' and 'I Neva', before calling on Beenie Man. Beenie performed 'Roll Deep' and even apologized to Spice for the altercation which resulted in her being 'boxed' at GT Taylor's Magnum Xtravaganza on Christmas Day.

"Spice, if anything happen, mi apologise, it tek a real man fi say sorry," he told the crowd to a mixture of loud cheers and boos.

He took a swipe at Bounty Killer when he deejayed the line which suggested that Angel ended her relationship with Bounty when she "find out that mouth water coulden breed har'. This remark was greeted with laughter and cheers. However, there were scattered attempts at boos, but the cheers and jubilant rag-waving soon drowned out the dissent, especially when Beenie Man instructed 'mek me see the hands of mi fans dem'.

Then Vybz Kartel deejayed 'Bad From', and then prefaced the song 'Dis Bad Man Yu Get Gunshot' with the comment that he was neutral in the war between the long-time archrivals.

Earlier Killer was his usual imposing self. Dressed in full black, he appeared to be the incarnation of a 'lyrical Grim Reaper' as he delivered old war tunes such as 'Lodge' and 'War', as well as new hits, 'Bryco'. He earned crazy forwards from the Sting crowd which was rabid for a clash but Beenie Man failed to show when Killer called him out. Killer made a case for Beenie Man as the continued antagonist in their now-ancient feud.

"Ruff Kut was my band and him tek it, Angel was my girl, and him tek har too," he said.

Killer performed after a scintillating, hit-studded performance by Mavado during which the rising Alliance superstar earned massive forwards from the 35,000 strong crowd at Jamworld Portmore.

Second time Sting performer Idonia gave a good performance which was better than last year's set. Even though in between his set a few patrons decided to clap him off, but that didn't last for long because majority of the audience gave him several encores. He however was booed when he dissed 'Skatta'.

Idonia was later arrested and charged for using indecent language during his performance.


Check back later for the full coverage when we will give the lowdown on Idonia's performance, and his arrest, plus we will answer the questions: Did Beenie Man really run from the clash? Would Bounty Killer have killed him lyrically if he had been given a microphone? Did Buju Banton give the performance of the night? Or was it I-Wayne? How did Mavado do, did he prove he was the hottest artiste on Sting? Did Busy Signal, Ele and Capleton really flop at Sting 2006? What was Erup's first Sting performance like?