Bounty Killer gets a massive boo at Island Xplosion


BountyKiller_Alliance_Beenieman_sexygirls_sting_2006.jpgPeople, mi tell you, any place inna Central Jamaica belong to Beenie Man, and the people dem tired ah the foolishness wid Bounty Killer now. How him fi go pon Island Xplosion up a Leiba Esso Tiger Mart pon big big Xmas Day and ah violate him ex-girl? Especially when Angel probably de home ah tek care of her baby and him come pon the big big holiday and ah diss har.

Dem deejay ya no real, dem no have no heart? People, him get a boo to the infinity power, is a boo that is 20 times the intensity of the fat boo weh Mavado get last week because the man all refuse fi come offa the stage. Dem boo him till him weak and have to retreat.

Still, the people dem ah give it to dem, Beenie get boo at Asylum and Blazay Blazay, Mavado get fi him own, and now is just Killa time fi feel the disdain of the Jamaican people.

Ah Christmas and Jamaica people nuh inna the negativity, and the dwelling pon a bag of #$%, Killa ah joker, him ah veteran, him come pon stage, even big up kartel and then turn round and ah diss the man unda style and ah call him 'ungrateful', then him start diss up Angel. People, mi see it fi miself, a propa boo for the propa-ganda. After Killa get boo, Beenie Man and Kartel run on and lock the show. Kartel work first, then him call out Beenie Man and dem just dun the place tune-fi-tune.

Even when emcee Nuffy go pon stage and say big up Killa, the people dem boo him again. How big bad Killa come to this? Wha really ah go gwaan pon Guinness Sting tomorrow? Him really ah go try lyrically kill Beenie ah Sting this year?


Well, the two ah dem come in like they were meant to be. We spot Lex and Tunya together at Welcome to Jamrock and we see Lex ah drive up Tunya fat Benz, so wha happen? The divorce no final yet? Oonu fi just stay married and done, oonu match.


Bwoy Mavado ah go hard inna the war thing. Yu hear him lyrics, yu a call up mi name/mine gunshot call up yu brain…murder yu lickle bredda ah the funeral gate, cut the newborn throat 'cause yu know mi no play...reverse the ting, yu a freak...yu inna bulletproof vest, mi have bulletproof cutter...buss one-pop, well ah tall up mi aim...The tension ah go high ah Sting 2006.


Why Zabric and Deva Brat buss a big fight wha day ya? Mi hear seh Zabric buss up Deva head, and Deva punch him inna him mouth?

Who is Cindy Breakspeare daughter-in-law? YardFlex always have the realest information, none ah dem media nuh bad like we.


Big up Nicey, Shawna, and the Tek Set Girls, Out and Bad Tash, Strawberry Girls, Golba and Mama Bird. Big up Buju Fabulous, Pinky Fabulous, Anna Matterhorn, Gillian. Big up dancers like Kadillac, Colo Colo, Black Bling, Short Man, Sample 6, D & G, Overmars Shelly Belly, Terry Fire, Strength, Bonecrusher, and Never Scared