Merry Christmas from YardFlex


Merry_Christmas.jpgSeason's greetings to all our readers. It is that time of year, the season of good cheer. We'd like to thank all our readers who made this website such as a screaming success in 2006, and hope that you continue to log on for the latest updates, gossip and juice from the Jamaican music industry, we'd like to big up Deborah Cole, our 'bosslady', our managing director who has really rejuvenated the writing staff here on our toes, and bringing Xmas cheer to Jigga Mattic, Warlington and even the irascible Claude Mills and our hard working photo editor and website admin Carlington Wilmot. Special thanx to Janice Dayle from Canada and Bridget Anderson from yard. Keep on reading. Have yourself a very Merry Xmas. Holla!

We also want to say merry xmas to our message board moderators, Sweet T, Mafia, DJ LITE, RubyRed, Sallo and our newly moderator Kedra.