Welcome to Jamrock Sell Off!. - Junior Gong


By: Secret Agent
Photos by: Carlington Wilmot


Welcome To Jamrock was a show for the stars.
From the blistering few minutes Sean Paul spent on stage, to the extended sessions by Tanya Stephens and Luciano, the performers had a good night at the Constant Spring Football field on Friday night.
They got the chance to relax and perform, talk to the audience and burst into laughter every now and again, as the concert's atmosphere was a different cut from the traditional pumped up and often charged mood of shows within the Christmas period.

The audience, which included the cream of the political, business, legal, and music community, watched and lapped up everything.
Tanya Stephens hit high notes with the audience with her growing catalogue of tunes. She touched tracks from the 1990s, mixed them with those from 2005's Gangsta Blues album, and blended more with tracks from the 2006 gem, 'Rebelution'.

She was not flying around on stage, but kept the attention in between tracks using witty anecdotes and mannerisms.

Luciano, well known for his extended sets, gave a credible and energetic session, laced with some of his most potent tunes over the years. He also mixed the old with the new, and kept the session spiffy and entertaining, even breaking out into prayer briefly.
Damian 'Junior Gong' Marley stepped put and gave his usual credible performance, and introduced a few of his "guests" while he was performing.

Among these was 14-year-old Javaughn Genius, who although brief, gave an encourageable representation of himself. Breaking out into another round of his tracks, Damian then introduced Sean Paul as his next guest. Mr Dutty raced on to the stage to give a short yet spicy rendition of his more popular tracks before leaving suddenly.

Following this, Stephen Marley joined the Junior Gong on stage and took the show into its closing stages.

The event as a package was admirable.
Although the VIP section seemed more crowded than the general admissions section at times, the show flowed smoothly, with timely band changes, and good behavior from patrons.
Will it take the crown as the best Christmas show?
You decide.