Skullman makes aggressive move to defend his rights


Skullman_dancehall_sexygirls_sexy_Jamaica_carlingtonwilmot_yardflex.jpgDeejay Skullman is seeking international expertise in the area of copyright law before moving ahead in the case where he feels his copyrighted work, 'Stop' was infringed upon with a soundtrack song called 'Jump and Move' from the hit movie, 'Happy Feet'.

Since the story broke, I have been getting a lot of calls from a number of international copyright agencies, some of whom feel that because I come from a Third World country, people feel they can take
advantage of me, and they are willing to defend me with their resources," he said.

"Right now, I am weighing my options, to decide who I will chose to represent me. My team will choose the one which is the most professional and understands the nuances of international copyright law," Skullman said.

When it was released, the song 'Stop' peaked at #2 on the New York reggae charts, and was a monster hit in several Caribbean islands including Trinidad where it was #1 for several weeks on the reggae charts.

During the interview, Skullman hinted that his publisher, Gussie Clarke of Anchor Media Products and Services, had been dragging
his feet on the issue.

However, Mr. Clarke vehemently denied this allegation.

He explained: "Skullman came to us and asked if we were aware of the situation, we told him we were not, I asked if he had seen the movie to ascertain? He said no so No, I suggested he go and see the movie, I
cannot act on hearsay. So I called him a week after and said, O.K, send us a copy of lyrics and an audio copy of the original lyrics. To date, he has not done that, and he is slowing up things."

"I cannot get international people to jump up and get on the ball unless you provide me with the basic information, the support and tools. In the business and copyright world, it goes down to documentation in order for action to be taken. We've sent him three
emails and he has failed to respond. In the meantime, we have taken the initiative without assistance from him, On the 12th, we went online and purchased the version of the song that is in the movie, then I went on my own and researched the song, and found it on a
1992 CD released by VP Records," Mr. Clarke explained

The lyrics of Skullman's original song have also been written "We are in process of sending it on the legal department who can deal with the matter but we are waiting on Skullman to come in and confirm that
the lyrics are correct," Mr. Clarke explained.

"He has an obligation in this matter, but he has not supplied any of the required documents or physical proof, irrespective of countless emails we've sent him. We cannot act on hearsay."

"It is going to boil down to proof. It can be a protracted case, and we need the appropriate support and documentation to act efficiently and effectively. This is why the process has not moved faster than this, the lack of assistance from Skullman," Mr. Clarke