Fyakin - "Is just righteousness me ah defend and the upliftment"


Photo by: Carlington Wilmot

Fyakin_reggae_music_dancehall_sexygirls_sexy_CarlingtonWilmot_yardflex.jpgEven though he is still in his teens, Fyakin is creating a wicked vibe in the dancehall with a number of songs including 'They Don't Know' for the Fifth Element label, and at least three songs for Fearless Records: 'I Know You Love Me', 'Free the Rasta' and 'Yodding in the Streets'. A video was shot for 'I Know You Love Me' which is getting love from radio disc jockeys across the island.

Fyakin has lived in the community of Portmore since 2003, and has developed a growing fan base in that community, even while he has been able to grow closer to his mother who was absent from his life for several years.

"It feel joyful more time to be with her certain way, we ah uplift her certain way, and ah try ease off the pressure offa her," he told YardFlex.com.

Fyakin has performed at a number of stage shows include Blazay Blazay, Kulcha Shock, Calabar Career Day, Gaynestead Career Day, the annual Garverymeade Barbecue, the Village Cafe, the annual Stone Love Anniversary dance, and the Cooyah launch in Annotto Bay.

Fyakin is not your garden variety singer with delusions of grandeur bubbling up in the stem of his brain. Here is a young man, a true firebrand who believes in walking the path of righteousness and spreading a positive message to the human race.

"Is just righteousness me ah defend and the upliftment of black people, each and every one. I believe that love and unity can conquer all things, so we just ah save who we can save," he said.

Born Nicholas Levy, he attended the Tarrant High School in the 1990s, but was forced to drop out because of financial problems being experienced by his family at that time. Undaunted by that early setback, he has returned to school via the Horizon Institute of Business where he is going to take CSEC exams in the areas of Mathematics, English, P.O.B and Biology, even as he pursues a career in music.

"I took the decision to go back to school, and get these subjects so that later, there is no need to do that when I am a successful artiste in the business, I am laying the foundation from now," the 19 year-old said.

He basically grew up on his own, living with members of his extended family, as both his father and mother lived and worked in different locales, so he did not grow up in a tight family setting.

He got turned onto music through his elder brother, Neumowatt, who taught him the fundamentals of how to write songs, and then, after that, how to tackle the live performance aspect of the business - stage shows. It was a lot to digest at 15 but Fyakin was an eager and apt pupil.

"Neumowatt showed me how to set the thing, and it helped me a lot in those early years," he said. "The bible say you must call up on the young ones because they are strong, and if I stay true to rastafari, and do all that is pure, and not dwell in the wrong, then which force raised against I can stop me?"