The Visions of Dennis Brown


Dennis_Brown_reggae_dancehall_Bob_Marley.jpgPoignant "visions" of social ills, undoubtedly one of Dennis Brown's best studio albums recorded at Joe Gibbs Recording Studio, Jamaica. One of the classic reggae albums of the 1970s, 'Visions of Dennis Brown' is one of the pinnacles of his amazingly fecund and prolific era with the legendary Joe Gibbs.

These songs, simply recorded but full of near-apocalyptic dread and spirited exhortations, are Brown at his most powerful. Through his lyrics, he seeks to eradicate the corrupt self and the tribulations in existence when he searches for the sense in hidden brutality through the assassination of "Malcolm X", the frustration and depression in "Oh Mother" and the suffering of his people as "Concrete Castles King". Songs as direct as "Deliverance Will Come" or as elliptical and knotty as "Milk and Honey" all benefit from Brown's remarkable voice, truly one of the finest instruments the style has ever known.

Dennis also engages in some straight preaching, castigating rumormongers in the sneering "Say What You Say" and adopting a wise but never patronizing tone in the anti-runaway "Stay At Home. The musicians: "The Professionals", featuring Gibbs' usual suspects, is tight and groove-oriented throughout.