Kevin Lyttle is on the Hunt


By: Janice Dayle
YardFlex Reporter

KevinLyttle_soca.jpgWith a whole slew of songs under his belt Kevin Lyttle walked away from Atlantic Records in January 2006 and is in search of a new record deal. His globally charted 2003 hit "Turn Me On" went gold in the US, dazzled airwaves and was most requested video in major European and Asian regions. Since then Kevin has been not only basking in the satisfaction of his one hit to date, but also strategizing on bringing out his best once again.

"Atlantic shelved my talent," Kevin said, explaining why he felt forced to break away from that company to which he had been signed during the "Turn Me On" craze. He went on to say that despite the success of "Turn Me On", the record company failed to recognize his being musically multifaceted and without having produced an album, coupled with a flop follow up single "Drive Me Crazy," he felt as if Atlantic put him up to gather dust.

Perseverance however has always been Kevin's mainstay and he is not about to let this whirlwind of an experience as a number one hit maker, remain stagnant. Having been raised in St Vincent by three generations of women who fostered his tenacity, Kevin stated, "Woman has been good to me." He described growing up in a galvanized inner city house where neighbours hurled rocks on the hot "tin" roof to quieten his disturbing the peace with loud soca, reggae and R&B singing. After emerging from Boys Grammar School successfully and earning an Electronic Engineering degree he went on to work as a customs officer. During all this time his passion for singing and dramatic arts kindled. Although he dabbled in the music industry since the age of 18, Kevin went wholeheartedly into it after a year and a half in customs.

Now he is thankful to people like Benjie Cottle who, among a host of thoughtful deeds, initially connected Kevin to Headline Entertainment’s Allison Hunt. This was Kevin’s first decision to initiate changes in his career path, as it meant a switch from manger, Keith Boyea. As he enters this upcoming phase in the music business, Kevin is steadfast in keeping his eyes on the prize while they simultaneously gazes in search of corporate backing.