Nicole sexy, but dangerous - "I started showing interest in firearms"




Beautiful and smart, certainly not enough to define who is Nicole. If there were to be any other unique word that could perfectly describe her, then that word is still in the making.

Apart from being beautiful this 21 year-old college student of Palm Beach College in Boca Raton is strong in mind and vision knowingly that she's one of the great grand nieces of the great Marcus Mosiah Garvey.

After completing Palm Beach College, she then plans to pursue a masters degree in Criminal Justice/homeland Securities and Psychology at Florida Atlantic University.

"I started showing interest in firearms and forensic investigation at a very young age so I definitely knew that criminal justice was going to be my major when I got to college, I love everything about my career choice from the crime scene investigating, to patrolling," She said.
Yes some people would say that it's a dangerous job for a female to get into but as long as you have god by your side you have nothing to worry about.
Her inspirations: My mother she has taught me so much and she's always there to supported me in whatever decision that I make in life. My mom is the true definition of a strong black woman and she's the most beautiful person in the world to me.

Her philosophies are: "if you have no confidence in your self, you are twice as defeated in the race of life, with confidence you have won even before you have started" - quoted by the one and only Marcus Mosiah Garvey.