What a piece a mix-up - Artiste get boo, a who?


Milk_sexygirls_sexy_beenie_man_CarlingtonWilmot_yardflex.jpgQUESTION TIME
Mi hear dat them boo Mavado a Stars in Action, someone tell me if it go so?

How the artiste dem so mix up and love the passa passa so?

When Mavado say him a go murder the new born, who him ah talk, Marco Dean?

Wha really a gwaan between Roach and Kartel now? Mi hear say dem nah talk.


How Erup just a blow up so? Mi go one dance rounda Spanish Town and when him tune, 'Dem Gal Ah Run Mi Head' draw, the place mash up, but mi realize say some man inna the dance nah gi him no props, but mi know say ah true him step pon dem corn.

LA LEWIS Crashes RE Tour

L.A Lewis feel say him is an artiste trou him write up him name all over the Corporate Area. Wah him feel like? Him fi just give up and go chuck off outta wharf because him will never buss Earlier this week, him crash the people dem high school tour at Jose Marti. Him spend 30 minutes pon the stage ah sing him boring, half-dead songs and the stage manager dem coulden tek him off. Why LA Lewis no find a real job as a garbage man or something, worse like how ah bear garbage come outta him mouth more time, it woulda fit him.

Beenie Man Leave Virgin or a Virgin Left him?

Beenie forget seh him caan lef Shocking Vibes and be with Virgin? Is not Mafia House him sign through, oooooohhh Beenie might have forgot that, and ah just chat off him mouth as he usually does just for the public to remember him during all of this so called war them artist betta stop it before if get out ah hand but u got to give it up to Moses he's one artist going up against how many different artist damm beenie u back really broad but really and truly them need fi regulate the violence in the music before the bigger heads step in (goverment) and regulate it for them I mean like no one can't enjoy themselves any more at any party just the other dat stone love ann was in jeopardy of not happening due to the fact of all this tension in the dancehall is wah them artist really ah do to we music?

Remember ganja and reggae is all Jamaica have as far as export is wah these little artist that ain't even selling ah mess up di ting and ah spoil it for other artist fi come look how long it took new artist fi come pon di scene it was the dancehall fraternity people like fire links mighty mike Liquid GT ect who helped buss artist like Iwayne ect so them artist who are force ripe need fi calm themselves and make them thing grow little bit more before them start the foolishness cause trust me it aint goin no where fast look at all the artist weh ah war any one of them selling any major units?

Big ups:
Big up Candice from CVM, you hot up Day Dreams party - you always looking in, looking out, and most of all you looking even betta than nuff gal.
It sad fi know seh dem run inna you car back afta di party, but give God thanx - Just hurry up and get well.

Tunia yuh large, yuh a goodas fi dem, hot from yuh born.

Big up radio personalities like Big A, GT Taylor, Digital Chriss, Jonny Kool, Ice, Richie B, yeah mi affi big them up because mi soon tun artiste.