Inner Circle - Team up with Marley's & 'One Blood' Jr. Reid

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Preparing new album for 2007!


Legendary reggae band Inner Circle, creators of the COPS theme song "Bad Boys," and the mega hit "Sweat (A La La La La Song)," are back on the airwaves once again with two brand new singles "Smoke" and "Big Shotta" and a new dual acoustic/electric album 'State of the World' scheduled for release in 2007!

The new single from the group, "Big Shotta" recently added to heavy rotation on Sirius Satellite Radio, features a remix with guest vocals from none other than 'One Blood' Junior Reid. This former Black Uhuru front man has been making impressive moves recently on hip hop collaborations with legendary producer Dr Dre with his protege The Game on "Its Okay (One Blood)" along with rising star Mimms with "This is Why I'm Hot." The song touches a chord on multiple levels and the sentiment can be felt during these serious times when phrases like "Too much blood a run, blood a run..." seem to have an even deeper meaning.

Meanwhile, the band's first single "Smoke" featuring Damien and Stephen Marley has been impacting radio and the internet and is starting to show up on the charts and station play lists. The song, which happens to be a blinded by love story, has resonated well within the reggae community with the hook"Smoke gets in my eyes...just gotta have it!" To listen to the song go to

Although the group may have been out of the spotlight for the past six years, they haven't taken a break from the music. With a consistent touring schedule and the establishment of a world class recording facility Circle House Studios, the band has been carefully calculating the release of their latest project 'State of the World' due in Spring of 2007. Fans will be glad to know that the new album will feature the classic pop reggae sound that has made Inner Circle one of the most successful bands in music; the collection will also showcase politically and spiritually charged songs that reflect on the reality of the world we live in.

Having recently acquired a large majority of the group's back catalog, establishing their own management company, Sound Bwoy Entertainment, and the day to day activities of running a multi-dimensional recording facility, one could think they might be overwhelmed. But this seems all in a day's work for a band that has transformed their chart topping success to a regional musical empire, and are looking to expand their horizons even further. In recent years much of the groups time has been dedicated to the development of their phenomenal recording facilities Circle House Studios. The studio of choice for today's top recording artists, Circle House has pumped out countless chart topping hits in Hip Hop, R&B, and Pop. On any given day the studio could chart toppers like Beyonce, P Diddy, Lil' Jon, and 50 Cent who are all regular clients. Along with industry superstars, the compound also opens its doors for local artists in Miami and are always scouting new talent to develop in the studio.

One of the reggae industry's best kept secrets, Inner Circle, first hit the scene in Jamaica with singer Jacob 'Killer' Miller in the 70's. With hits like "Tenement Yard," and the focal point of a feature length movie "Rockers," the group became the most popular group in Jamaica, possibly even more popular at home than their friends Bob Marley and the Wailers who were experiencing increased international recognition at the time. Soon after this initial success, tragedy struck the band when their lead singer passed away, and the band entered a phase of reconstruction which eventually led to a new recipe for success, and the biggest hit of their career, the infamous "Bad Boys."

Possibly one of the most recognizable theme songs in all of television, "Bad Boys" continues to be synonymous with COPS on FOX Network. However, this tremendous notoriety has been both a blessing and a curse for the band. The infamous song, recorded in '87 but grew in popularity in the early 90's, propelling the band to their first ever platinum success. The stigma of the song's success has overshadowed the group's long history as one of the pioneers in reggae music and innovators in the music industry. Although they have embraced the label Bad Boys of Reggae, they continue to be humble about the songs influence. The chart topping success and mainstream exposure have always been a topic of conversation for the band. Bassist and guitarist and founding members, brother's Ian and Roger Lewis, the group's core, seem to play it off with a sense of ease and complacency of true professionals. They are happy for their previous success, but optimistic that the best is yet to come.

The group is currently on the road promoting "Smoke" and "Big Shotta", and have recently returned from several dates in Hawaii. For updates on Inner Circle and their upcoming album "State of The World" go to the band's official web site