Buffilous - Man on the side - Couldn't stand being secret lovers


Buffilous_Dancehall_SexyGirls_sexy_girls_models.jpgYes, people, mi de pon dem case like the Anopheles mosquito weh a terrorise the whole ah de ghetto dem inna Kingston. Me ah de real Mckoy, dem ah just the imitation. Kingston, New York, Miami, Toronto, mi have a story fi tell yu about one of my girlfriend dem and yu nah go believe, but mi ah go tel yu anyway. She have her good good husband ah Jamaica, but she a creep pon the side wid this wutless bwoy who have up him wife and nah lef her either. So yu know ain't nothing wrong with a little bump and grind as secret lovers and all that, but the bwoy go tek it to a next level.

Imagine now, she decide fi go Jamaica go check her husband, but the bwoy no stop hunt her down. It get so bad, she lock off her phone and ah chill over her man when all of a sudden, her husband phone ring, and him pass the phone to her and say 'your call'. When she go pon the phone, nuh the wutless bwoy pon the phone, so the husband lef her alone fi a second and my girl just tek out the chip and mash it up and put it back. WHen the husband come back, him realize say the phone nah work, and my girl just look innocent and say ah so she get it.

Anyway, a day pass and she de home wid her husband when the phone ring and she answer it, and him say, 'yu neva know say me have the home number too?'. This worse than Fatal Attraction, but better story, mi a wonder what my girl give him mek him so obsessed with her. It deep, people, it deep, but some ah dem careless man who have dem wife and nuh have nothing fi offer financially fi just low out dem woman ya who have a life and stop mash up dem ting. Ah lie me a tell, people?If you don't have anything better to offer the woman dem, doan offer dem nothing atall, just tek some p--- and gwaan bout yu business!