Dancehall Selector/Artiste Tony Matterhorn Dutty Wine Banned


By: Secret Agent
YardFlex Reporter

Tony_Matharoon_DuttyWine_banned_sexygirls.jpgThere seems to be no end in sight for the robust debates surrounding both the "Dutty Wine" song and the dance from which the tune was made. understands that the Government of the British Virgin Islands has banned a ''Dutty Wine'' show which should have featured the smooth talking selector-turned-deejay/performer Tony Matterhorn.

The show was scheduled for this weekend, but reports out of the country say the Chief Minister Dr. Orlando Smith, said the many complaints about the event forced their hand, and caused them to shut it down.

Local Radio reports indicate that the Government has been swamped with several phone calls because they allowed the show there in the first place.

According to the reports, they have been "inundated" with calls from "concerned citizens" who they describe as both young and old.

Reports are that Dr. Smith said the government would not allow the weekend performance of that show and that decision came after meetings between the promoters and the Chief Minister's Office.
According to Dr. Smith, the government required application process to hold the show was incomplete and he was also concerned about the life-threatening consequences associated with this dance. As a result the decision was made to ban the show.

Ironically, the Tony Matterhorn tune which launched the controversial dance move into the spotlight is known as a big hit in that country. Similarly, the opposition to the tune and the dance itself seems just as powerful, especially among the conservative church community.

Expectedly, residents there are not pleased, while others are calling it a victory.
On the local website, several vented their disgust at what they perceive as the Government's decision to prevent them from enjoying their God given right to attend any event they choose.
"Tell the churches get their act together before judging others! Nobody said it was mandatory to attend the show this weekend. If you don't like it, STAY THE HELL HOME!" quips one blogger.

Another declares:
"Here is the story about the death allegedly caused by the Dutty Wine. I say ban this filth! The priests are here to protect us and they always know best."

Time alone will tell what is to become of this now heated debate. It ties into the point of view that some aspects of Jamaican culture are just too loud and expressive for others.