Welcome To JamRock - Unity of class and race

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Unity of class and race has always been one of the tenets of Reggae and Welcome to Jamrock: The Concert has that in mind from the ground up, literally. According to the show's producer Rupert Bent of BentSpeare Entertainment, the grounds of the Constant Spring Football field were selected because it provides a space where both uptowners and downtowners can rock and jam in comfort.

Unless one is an avid fan of football, the football field is one of those spaces that one quickly drives past without noticing. However, owner of the grounds and CEO of the Constant Spring Football Club, Danny Lyn, assures that the 5 acre property is a little known oasis in Kingston.

According to Mr. Lyn the already picturesque space is being further transformed in anticipation for the show. With the beautiful St. Andrew Hills forming a backdrop, majestic guango trees on the grounds and a sea of green grass as the concert area the place is ideal for a massive concert of international caliber. The concert area takes up approximately, 100 square yards (that is about twice the size of Mass Camp). VIP guests will also have the football stadium stands at their disposal.

"Beyond those walls is really a lovely, lovely field," says Mr. Bent. But he notes that the decision to use the football field was aided by more than its aesthetic appeal. He explains that the grounds are ideally suited to breakdown "psychological barriers" about class in a venue that welcomes both. So, although the Constant Spring Golf club (which is just across the road from the football field) is much more well-known as a concert venue, the golf club as it name suggests, appeals to a specific social class and as such does not suit the philosophy guiding the show.

"We're trying to cater to Damian's [Marley] wish in that," Mr. Bent explains. Anyone familiar with Marley's sophomore project aptly titled Half-Way-Tree, which declares him a hybrid of uptown and downtown cultures will easily understand what Mr. Bent means.

So, the Constant Spring venue will in a way work as the new Half Way Tree, the meeting place of uptown and downtown in a beautiful medley of cultures as the refined and the raw brush up against each other in the spirit celebrated by Reggae, which treats one love as much more than a catch phrase.

Welcome to Jamrock: The Concert takes place on Friday, December 22, 2006, with show time at 9:00 p.m. sharp, gates will be open at 6:00 p.m. The stellar line up features Damian 'Junior Gong' Marley, from whose Welcome to Jamrock album the concert takes its name along with his older brother Stephen Marley. The rebellutionary one Tanya Stephens, the soulful Luciano, the rocking Tessanne Chin, and the unstoppable TOK are also slated to perform.

Ticket prices for Jamrockers are $1,200 pre-sold and $1,500 at the gate while VIP tickets are $3,000 pre-sold and $3,500 at the gate. Tickets are available at CWJ Head Office (HWT), Petcom Gas Station (Portmore), Jamrock Sports Bar, Hilton Kingston, Xtra (Manor Park) LG Texaco (Dunrobin), what's On Café (Devon House), Esso Tigermart (Liguanea).