Dancehall Artiste Mavado's 'Weh Dem A Do' is #27 - Hot R&B/Hip Hop Charts


Article and Photo by: Carlington Wilmot

Mavado_Gangsta_Dancehall_Bounty_Killer_Alliance_Carlington_Wilmot.jpgJamaica's newest gangsta singjay Mavado who is easily recognized to the public by his signature phrase 'Gangsta For Life' is currently riding on a high on the Hot R&B/ Hip Hop charts. The song titled 'Weh Dem A Do', produced by another dancehall deejay Delly Ranx on the RedBull & Guinness rhythm is happily placed at #27, up 11 spots, on the HOT R&B/HIP HOP charts. This is a great achievement for any artiste to be charted internationally in the beginning stage of a young and promising career.

Mavado first burst onto the dancehall scene, in 2005 with the hit joint 'Real Mckoy', on the Anger Management rhythm. The single quickly becomes an anthem among the rude boys in the dancehall, but after going back into the studio to do an edited version, the song then enjoyed its full amount of success. Other artistes on the Anger Management rhythm includes the likes of Vybz Kartel A.K.A. 'Addi Di Techa', Bounty Killer, Beenie Man alongside Martina, and Elephant Man to name a few.

Inserts from 'Weh Dem A Do'

weh dem a do weh dem a try
marrow wi flyyyyy into di sky
gun mi nuh barrow mi money buy
a bowy wi die
(marrow wi fly)

anyway mi nuh tek talk sen bwoie body to di grave pawk
dem bwoie deh nuh have nuh brave hawt
dem and dem girl have di same hawt
dem a cry like a bitch wen di war stawt
dem a run like a witch wen wi get wrawt
man guh murda dem bl**dclawt
gangsta fi life wi nuh tek talk

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