Who will lose? - Sting 2006


By: Secret Agent
YardFlex Reporter


The clips are loaded, the guns are cranked, and the trigger fingers are trembling to squeeze.
The war is on.
Lyrical war that is...
Dancehall is on a calamitous edge right now with the current tension gripping the Alliance, a formerly tightly knit unit of Bounty Killer's closest friends, business partners and associates. The Dancehall community has been jolted by news of the bitter split in ranks between Vybz Kartel and his former mentor Bounty Killer.

Within the space of one week, both print and electronic media have aired and published rants from the two outspoken and flamboyant figures. The ferocity of these rants make the script for a Blockbuster Action thriller seem like peanuts, and the Dancehall community remains cautious and edgy about the endless possibilities this feud can lead to, especially to the extent at which their verbal assaults have become personal.

In one newspaper tabloid this week, Vybz Kartel gave shocking accounts of Bounty Killer's alleged dealings with a spiritualist in regards to his former girlfriend D'Angel.
Killer also spit back with criticisms of Kartel's manhood, his reported "two faced" nature, and charges of him being broke.
With heated words being thrown from side to side, who is to benefit from this?

Who will reap rewards?

Reports have already started swirling that Supreme Promotions Kingpin Isaiah Laing, is the only one who will benefit, seeing the two are billed for his Boxing Day stage show STING.
Not so says Laing.
"Actually, this one was quite unexpected for me and everybody.” He told YardFlex.com.
"It took us unaware, because I was looking for a Beenie Bounty thing this year but not this between him and Kartel."
Laing was at pains to explain that bloodthirsty fans looking for drama on stage will only get it in words, as Vybz Kartel and Bounty Killer will never touch the stage together. He explained that with their new security measures implemented this year, no form of confrontations at the venue will ever take place.
"We have a meeting set for next week where we'll talk to all the artistes. We're going to discuss the behavior and their contracts, and the sanctions when they breach it. There will be no physical clash, I can assure you that. There can be no physical clashes for this year's show."

If the promoter of the biggest one night show says he will not benefit from the boiling tension, in the end who will?
The disc jockeys? The Selectors? Dancehall Music?
Who will lose?