Beenie Leaves Shocking Vibes camp?


Beenieman_shocking_vibes_Dancehall_sexygirls_xxx_carlington_wilmot.jpgThe music industry was hit by another quake earlier this week that could signal a vital shift in the balance of power equation in the dancehall universe given Beenie Man's unexpected move of leaving the
Shocking Vibes camp.

"Beenie Man is going to do his own thing as of January 1, 2007," D'Angel said.

In the meantime, Patrick Roberts, Beenie Man's manager for over two decades, seemed a bit disturbed by the whole situation when contacted but nevertheless issued an upbeat statement.

"We wish him all the best, if he wants to leave, he can leave, he is his owna big man, he is married now, he can do anything he wants to do. We just wish him all the best," Mr. Roberts told