Bounty Killer is no longer Vybz Kartel's Daddy


Vybz_Kartel_Bounty_Killer_Dancehall_Sting2006_sexygirls_CarlingtonWilmot_yardflex.jpgYes yes, people mi nearly pop up when mi hear that Bounty Killer and Kartel are at it again. Yes, war! People the amount of secrets Vybz Kartel A.K.A 'Addi Di Techa' revealed to the media is more than a cup full. All mi a hear pon the lips of people in the street is: Did the Killer really send him bredda a that likkle man where we Jamaicans love to go and waste money during our time of trials and tribulation?

Enough wid di wriggle mi dis and that thing. Mi chile, Kartel buss out secret like him a spit out lyrics in an interview with a local tabloid revealing that the Killer try fi obeah Beenie Man's wife D'Angel. Mi never know that gangsta believe in dem things deh.

What is really going on? The last time mi hear seh Bounty Killer a still Addi Daddy, but it seems as if Addi wants to move out left daddy.

What a hell and powder house ago pop a Sting, even though a lot of people believe that this feud between Kartel and Bounty is a plan thing. But guess what, mi nuh care, rain or shine mi naah mis sting, even if bottle ago fling.

People before mi go here are some burning issues:

Do you think this unbelievable war between Vybz Kartel and Bounty Killer is a fake war?

Will Kartel and Idonia remains close friends even though Idonia is still apart of the Alliance?

Did D'Angel really tie Bounty Killer according to the obeah man from St.Thomas

Will this be the end of Vybz Kartel booming career?

Anyway, me not saying anything more, because mi nuh want dem obeah my finger dat mi caan type nuh more suss.

P.S. Light a candle, sing a sankey and find your way back home.