The secrets behind Diana King's Tattoos


Diana_King_Reggae_Dancehall_sexgirls_CarlingtonWilmot_Yardflex.jpgThere is a ghost of a scar on her right arm but the tangle of tattooed roses that decorate her arm hide it.

"I got the scar from a beating from my father when mi lickle, him dead now, so mi can talk. Some people have keloid skin, but mine sometimish having a tattoo, mi woulda swell up. I tried to cover it with like a half-sleeve of roses, and then I did the whole arm. I love it, my mom loved roses, she is also not here anymore, so I just say this is for my mother," she told

Her biological mom passed away five years ago.
She has a symbol tattooed in the middle of her forehead which means 'love yourself', as well as angel wings on her shoulder blades. She was inspired by her experience in India to get the 'love yourself' tattoo.

"In 1998, I went on a tour in India, and I was wowing, my mother's wide is Indian, so I was very touched, the spirituality, the philosophies, Hindu, Moslem, Buddhist, I just pick and choose, it changed me in many ways. I looked at what made them happy, and many people think that it is a big house, big car, will make you happy when it is the furthest thing from the truth," she said.