What has Tafari been up to lately?


TAFARI's career is consistently developing into something mega; he is one artiste to watch for year 2007. The 25 Jamaican Rapper has reinvented himself blending Hip-Hop with Dancehall and Roots Rock Reggae, blending it with his culture to create a fusion between Hip-Hop and Dancehall. One would probably say, it has been done before, but for TAFARI, it's not the same.

What makes him different? He's got style, image, wit and lip and he is the story, the real story. TAFARI launched his "Rude Bwoy Warning" video recently and it is obvious that he is ready to take on the world. Here he introduces himself to the public as a rude boy to eradicate any doubts regarding his destiny, he's here to stay. The video, produced by Jay "Game Over" Will, one of the most outstanding video producers in Jamaica who can also be accredited for the "new image" he brought into the production of Dancehall videos, are on the lips of everyone who saw it for the very first time.

Too many up and coming Jamaican artistes have given up on their dreams to pursue a career in another genre of music other than Dancehall or Reggae. Even though it really gets tough at times, TAFARI is determined to fulfill his dream of making it big in HIP-HOP. He says, "the journey gets harder when it seem to be getting better but the light at the end of the tunnel shines brighter" and is encouraging. And so, the "New Image" of Hip-Hop/Dancehall music "TAFARI" pushes on.....

"Can't Sey Mi Neva did A Warn You"