Jah Selah shoots Lonely Girl music video


Photo by: Carlington Wilmot

Jah_Selah_sexygirls_Sexy_girls_Reggae_music_Carlington_Wilmot_yardflex.jpgThe highly anticipated Jah Selah 'Lonely Girl' video could hit TV screens in the next two weeks as production wrapped on the video last week. The video, shot for a single that is getting a lot of advance buzz in Atlanta, Georgia and in the clubs in Toronto, Canada, is expected to catapult Jah Selah into the roots rock reggae market in a big way.

"The video was shot on the beach in St. Thomas. The scenes featured yachts, a BMW convertible and is centered around a storyline of your typical bored lonely rich girl who is the daughter from a powerful family. One scene which stood out in my mind was when she is surrounded by bodyguards and Selah, who the family dislikes, is trying to get to her but the bodyguards hold him back," manager Kee Kee Williams of P & L said.

"MTV Tempo is already waiting for the video given the kind of response Selah's previous video, 'Think About It' got in certain Caribbean countries like St. Lucia and Barbados," Ms. Williams added.

The 'Lonely Girl' single is presently #5 on the RE TV Reggae charts, and is in the top 20 of the St. Lucia reggae charts.

When the video finally airs, you might recognize a few of the bodyguards in the production as they are employees of the Asylum and Quad nightclubs. Carlene Samuels of Jay Will films produced the shoot while Tarik Kiddo of Zawdi Entertainment directed the project. Lenny Hype of P & L also played a bit role in the production.