Petol scorching hot and sexy


Photos by: Carlington Wilmot


Name: Petol --- Height: 5'7 --- Weight: 128 --- Colour eyes: dark brown

Petol can be consider as one of Jamaica's top female video models who has more than twenty video appearances under her belt. Such as Beenie man latest video, 'Reverse Di Thing', Tanto Metro & Devonte 'Any Weh She Deh' medley, Blacker, 'Lack Like', to name a few.

Petol is so caught up in the world of entertainment; she even writes songs that she will never able to perform because she's not an entertainer. Even though at times she wishes she was born with the talent of becoming an entertainer.

In her spare time: Whenever she's not busy designing, she loves to hangout with her friends at some of Kingston Jamaica hot spots such as the Quad, Asylum and Escape.

Petol first fell in love with modeling when she was introduced to Celebrity Model Agency by a close friend. After spending a few months there, she then tentatively decided to manage her own career, because she strongly believes in the motto 'Life is what you make it'.

What she looks for in a guy: I will always like a guy who is not too fussy, easy going, not too jealous, one who has a good sense of reasoning ability.

"And guys money is not all, but you got to be ambitious," she told