Macka Diamond has been signed - Money O!


Macka_yardflex-carlingtonWilmottour_money.jpgMoney O! is the latest chance promotion from Supreme Ventures and who better to endorse it than the DJ who made that slang a household name Macka Diamond herself.

Macka Diamond has been signed to a one-year endorsement deal with Supreme Ventures promoting the Money O! game of chance. Lucky persons can win $70,000 every month for a year…well you just have to check that one out.

However, there is no chance when it comes to Macka consistency in finding winners. Her latest song 'Hula Hoop' is mashing up the place. The song is receiving some crazy rotation on the stations. Not just in Jamaica but all over the Caribbean.

In her recent performances in Bahamas, St. Vincent and St. Martin fans are going crazy over the 'Hula Hoop'. In fact, Macka has been 'forbidden' to DJ this one as she dances it so well!


The video which started airing two weeks ago has been receiving favourable responses from viewers. On the recent Courts all island promotion Macka Diamond send fans crazy doing the dance.

This Christmas season there will be lots of times to take in the very popular female DJ as she has a very busy calendar. December 22, she will be in MoBay, Christmas eve, 24 she moves on to Esso Tiger Mart.

Christmas Day Macka heads for St. Elizabeth where she will be in action on GT Taylor's Magnum Christmas Extravaganza the following day, Boxing Day, December

26 she is exclusively booked to appear on Teensplash at James Bond Beach. Macka will put a cap on the season on Richie Stephen's Unity Splash on January 1 in Westmoreland.