Did Busy Try to Stab Idonia? - "we never know him intentions"



Did Busy Try to Stab Idonia? - "How him ah move so? Him tek this more than lyrical" - Member of J.O.P

The question on everyone's lips over the weekend is: did Busy Signal really try to stab Idonia while both artistes were onstage at Mavado's Birthday Bash?

During the reported onstage melee at the show, there was clear evidence of shoving and pushing between the artiste Busy Signal and Idonia's entourage, but no one knew the real reason behind the ruckus. Sources close to the J.O.P camp say that the fist-flinging fracas started when deejay Busy Signal moved towards Idonia with an "open ratchet", and they were forced to prevent him from approaching the deejay in such a menacing manner.

The incident happened at 'Gangsta 4 Life', Mavado's Birthday Bash over the weekend.

"We were just protecting the deejay, that's all, we figure say him mean Idonia harm because him start push hard through Idonia's entourage with him open ratchet and we couldn't allow him fi just step to the deejay like that...we never know him intentions and ah so the pushing start," the source told YardFlex.com.

"How him ah move so as an artiste? Like him de pon coke or something? Him ah open and close him ratchet pon stage like him jumpy or something the whole time Idonia de pon stage."

The source explained that Idonia was called onstage by a stage manager. When Idonia got onstage, Mavado passed the microphone to him and he deejayed 'Bushkash'. Then Bounty Killer walked on and started to talk, and Idonia and the other artistes stepped back.

"Then Busy back out him ratchet, go to the front of the stage and then lock it back, then him circle. At that time, Idonia have one of the microphones and then we see Busy ah push towards him and we see the knife and we react to that," the source said.

A member of Idonia's entourage also got into a tussle with a well-known member of Mavado's entourage.

"Idonia and Busy is not...friend, and is like Busy tek this more than lyrical, this gone way past lyrics now," the source said.

The source also denied that the recent dust-up had affected the relationship between Idonia and Bounty Killer.

"We and Killa no have nothing, Idonia and Bounty stand up and ah talk the whole night, we good," the source said.