Nas's baby mother affair with Jay-Z -


God-s-Gift-The-Nas-Jay-Z-Baby-mother.jpgNas's baby mother, Carmen Bryan has dished the dirt on the rap star in a tell-all book chronicling her exploits with the Queensbridge rapper and Jay-Z among others.

Carmen claims that it was her affair with Jay-Z whilst she was still with Nas that instigated their infamous feud in 2001. In the revealing book, Its No Secret, the former Def Jam and Capitol Records employee goes onto talk about her different experiences with numerous other celebrities including basketball player Allen Iverson and P. Diddy.

She also claims that Nas repeatedly abused her, cheated on her and once invited her to have a threesome with Kelis before they got married. During their tumultuous relationship, she claimed to have once "pulled out my pepper spray from my back pocket and sprayed Nas down like he was some rabid pit bull," when she first found out about his infidelity.

Proving that hell hath no fury like a baby mother scorned the book goes onto claim that Kelis doesn't wear deodorant and that Nas once turned down a date with Beyonce because, he said, "to be honest, I can't take her breath."

Words by Emmanuel Boywonder Ezugwu