Busy Signal: Bad Man Forward - Step Out


BusySignal_DancehallArtistePhoto_StepOut_Album_CarlingtonWilmot.jpgBusy Signal (nee Reanno Gordon) is one of dancehall's brightest new stars; his song Step Out has propelled him to international stardom almost overnight. But Busy is no one hit wonder; his debut album, Step Out (Greensleeves), has garnered much acclaim from dancehall critics, and his smooth-banter style of dancehall seems to be favored by the masses as well. Vibe.com reached out to (a very busy) Busy in Jamaica and, amongst other things, got his thoughts on his newfound fame.

VIBE.com: Your song Step Out is a bona fide hit here in the United States. Can you tell me how that song came together?
Busy Signal: They actually brought the riddim to me on a computer! From there, we were just vibing [with the riddim]; it was just the right vibe.

Describe your sound. What separates you from other DJs?
Busy Signal: Really, for me, it's all about [my] flow and my creativity. I'm way different than most other artists. We're all artists on a day-to-day basis, but I try to flow different and create something that stands out and sounds different from everybody. That's the thing with my work.

Source: Vibe