Zumjay gets married - She was the only woman I have ever loved


It is a match made in heaven

By: Jigga Mattic
Photo by: Carlington Wilmot


Zumjay got hitched to his high school sweetheart, Aviesha in a small intimate ceremony involving family and friends yesterday at a cathedral in Manhattan, New York in the United States.

"We tied the knot at about 1 p.m.yesterday. It was a small ceremony, just close friends, my bredrin Cassette Jones was there as the witness, my deejay bredrin Ice from New York, and also, a couple of the bride's friends, Adanna Thomas and Sean O'Connor. 'Lenky' Marsden, my producer, friend and manager was there was well; he was the best man," Zumjay told YardFlex.com.

The couple met 10 years ago, while both were attending Hydel High school. After graduating, Zumjay entered the music business while Aviesha attended Cornell University where she majored in Economics, Spanish and Latin American Studies.

Zumjay popped the question on October 29th, two days after his 'Red Carpet' dance in Jamaica. The two had got recacquainted with each other a few years ago when they hooked up over the Internet.

...when we met again, the world stood still and it was all about me and her, we knew we had to tie the knot," he told YardFlex.com.

"I knew it, no one made me feel the way she made me love, it is a match made in heaven, I have never loved any other girl in my life. She is the only girl I have ever loved, I was fascinated, I liked other girls but I was never in love with any other girl. She is the one," he said.