Ras Ptah a.k.a Gala P says 'War is Not the Answer'


Photo by: Carlington Wilmot

RasPtah-Reggae-Dancehall-SexyGirls.jpgRas Ptah a.k.a Gala P is very concerned about the violent content of dancehall music today.

"It come in like in dancehall today, if you nah say yu will kill a man, and cut out him heart, yu not getting any respect...yet still the radio ah flood with these bloody songs, ah just killing and violence that is being fed to the people daily, and you can see the effect of that on our children and in the ghettoes," Ras Ptah told YardFlex.com.

Unperturbed by the bias towards 'gangsta music', Ras Ptah has pressed along with his cultural agenda of peace and love, throwing in a couple of 'party songs' as well.

"I have a new party song, 'Shake Baby Shake' which mash up Asylum Girls Night this week. The streets love it, even mi friend Colin Roach call me from foreign fi hail me up, people ah respond to me on the road, me ah get mad love from the artiste, even Elephant Man hail me, the thing ah soak in to the people, ah just mad love. Right now, mi feel 'Tell Everybody' ah the real reality tune fi the people dem, the amount of people who call me 'bout that song, it is unbelievable. Me ah go tek it to dem fi the Christmas," he said.

He will be performing at Mavado's Birthday Splash at Arizon Inn, and on Sunday, Stone Love Anniversary.