Did Kartel and Idonia diss Bounty Killer?




Yo, mi hear the tune weh people ah kill demself ova say Kartel and Idonia diss the Killa, and nutten no go so. The song de pon the Afta Dark riddim, and all Idonia ah say is that 'Addi ah him daddy and him no care who vex' and the other line 'mi nuh haffi wear full black fi bad, mi inna all white'. Tell me people, that ah diss the Killa? Wah yu tink? Mi hear say the Kartel song name 'Bad Man No Throw Word Part Twice' and him ah spit some wicked lyrics. Mi no know, people, all these things!


The whole ah Brooklyn ah talk 'bout da one ya. Dancer-turned-selector Water Boot get big since him box down Noah from Afrique, eh? Even Buju ah put Water Boot name inna song now 'cause mi hear ah clash song wid Blunt Posse wha day ya. It voice inna Driva aerial and it say: 'wha the yute name weh Water Boot box down?' Heh-heh! The place mash up when dem draw it inna the dance. Noah coulden even play afterwards, ah Killa Boo haffi play instead. Him just get crush like a roach. How that happen though? Water Boot is just a fat boy who is a dancer. Noah small inna body, but him used to roll deep wid some thugs, and everybody used to fraiad him but now him style cramp, everybody tek him fi punk now. A nobody beat up somebody, lawd mi body! Mi belly ah cramp me. Gwaan Water Boot, yu ratings large!

Downsound Shines at Aquasol Beach Park in Mobay

Yo, the rehearsals dem a work fi the Downsound team. Dem no stop mash up various stage show across Jamaica. Over the weekend, dem touch the Aquasol stage inna the peak hours with a big introduction from Nuffy. Hear him 'bout 'big up the white man, him buss Fantan, and him believe inna young act' and then Lion Cub step out first, and say 'Sika Sitten', and the beach lift up. The people just rail up and ah bawl out 'Sika, Sika'. Then Lion do the dancing bobo ting, and the place lif up again. Afta him do 'Sika Sitten', the crowd give him a big response, and then him change gears and show dem a new side wid 'Thank Y ou Jah'. Him big up Elise Kelly and den him deliver it a capella. Lion ting sort out, him have the dancehall and the one-drop weak. But ah Nanko ah the girls dem pet. As him come out pon the stage, the girls dem start scream, and even before him coulda do 'Lucky You', the girls dem start sing it word-fi-word. Then after him do the dancehall ‘Step Up Inna the Club' song, the people start bawl out fi the 'Loco Amore', and him do piece and lef' leaving dem fi want more. -- Downsound ting sell off.


How Mr. G just start go hard so? Him song pon Sly and Robbie 'Taxi' riddim ah tek the dance dem hard.

Who else hot? K.C Jockey. Billboard move gone to Constant Spring in front of Merl Grove. Him 'Fling Whine' song ah get play in the streets, Stampede ah work pon the ting.

How Dadda so hype and him no have no hit tune yet? When mi de ah Aquasol over the weekend, mi see 'bout 30 man come wid him, some even have banner and dem ting de. Mi hear people ah say him fi go on before QQ 'cause ah Dadda town and dem fraida the counteraction, but people it nuh get fi work because police come lock off the stage show.

Who really ah represent Macka Tree? Fantan or is Galaxy P. People ah talk 'bout it.

Why Wong and Gyptian stop deal?

How so much hot South Florida girl inna the 'Traffic Blocking' video with the Marleys dem?


Bad and Ready Karen, mi see yu picture pon www.badh.net Tracy Champion, yu look good, and yu madda, Satta hot like 21 pepper seed, yu caan tell say she have seven pickney. Dyema, yu large, the whole ah Mobay love yu. Big up deejay Erasto who was the ZIP 103 FM artiste of the week, including the world-renowned Baby Ace Radio station with DJ SKS. Respect to Donsome Records, yu large. Big up Rage from Mobay.