Mi nah mind no wuckless man - Be a real man



Buffilous_DancehallSexyGirls.jpgThis one's for you Luv. Yes, Luv. You me a talk! Yu tek me car, mi expensive jewellery and yu nah return it. Mi no care if dem waan call me Ms. Tekky Back, mi no cater, mi nah mind no wuckless man. How yu a buy yu woman new Infinity and yu nah handle yu responsibility dem? You were there for me when I was in hell, but now, nothing is swell, 'cause you're a goddamn bastard. Mi no know how on hell I thought you were a REAL man, and you dress like you're stuck in the goddamn 70s, get up to the time with your s__t and yo' b*tch. You need to tell your Infinity b*tch that you are a negligent, trifling man. Expect a summons, expect a call...as a matter of fact, expect any-bl&&&--ting, but something coming. Mi sorry mi used to sneak out and give yu it pon the side 'cause when I check it out, you were never really worth my time.

Step up and be a real man and face your responsibilities, and by the way, mi know weh yu gal live, mi have yu full file and address, remember, I am just being respectful, doan play yourself around this b*tch!

I really thought you were a friend, but you're an enemy of mine, when I look in your left eye, all I see is hatred. Imagine, the yute dem ah go hungry and yu a buy gal Infinity, yes, people, US$30,000 plus Infinity, and my money no forward yet. Wha do diss dutty bwoy? Yu need fi go back ah Plum Valley wid dat de behaviour de. If yu nuh wise up, mi ah go post yu picture pon dontdatethisdeadbeatnigga.com. Oh, and mi waan back mi tings dem. The jewellery. The car. And the title fi the next car. Memba!