RASE TV getting "In The Zone"


By: Janice Dayle

With a quarter of season two behind them Reggae And Soca Entertainment TV (RASE TV) media production company in Canada is proud of the evolution of their groundbreaking programming, eloquently called - "In The Zone." Airing this season through Toronto based SUN TV, "In The Zone" is being accessed by a wider cross section of the Canadian audience.

Born from merging the talents of two passionate and gifted Montrealers, Lisa "Lisa J" Joseph and Valentine "Prymtym" Latty, RASE TV opened its doors in 2004 with the release of a DVD and an opening statement that said - "We need to have Caribbean content on mainstream media in Canada, since there is a demand for it," Prymtym explained. The DVD was proof of an existing strong Canadian content in the Caribbean genre. Prymtym described the DVD production as one that demonstrated how a well designed blend of reggae and soca from international, regional and national levels could be presented from a Canadian perspective, enhancing its relevance in Canada.

Both media aces Prymtym and Lisa J, have shared the job of lead show host for the annual Montreal International Reggae Festival and recognized the immense enthusiasm and demand for Caribbean entertainment from audience response to that festival. With all this encouragement "In The Zone" DVDs became a 30 minute television segment that progressed to include "In The Zone" radio program heard on CFMB 1280 AM on Saturdays between 9:00 and 11:00PM.

Season two of "In The Zone" television is a bit different from last year’s season one, with a shift in lead and co-host - as Lydia Patel takes over from Lisa J as lead host and Don Smooth relieves Prymtym who has moved behind the camera. Lisa J is wrapped up in administrative duties as she takes on co-producing the Canadian Reggae Star segment that augments not only "In The Zone" program but the spirit of reggae music in Canada.

Talent searches in Canada have become an artistic tradition, but the brand new Canadian Reggae Star competition, broadcast within the final 15 minutes of each week's "In The Zone" television show - is unique. Hundreds of singers audition from across Canada and judges wind it down to five finalists who will compete for the Reggae Star title. With that title comes prizes that include a recording contract to produce a single with Shocking Vibes of Kingston, Jamaica and the chance to appear on The Montreal International Reggae Festival.

Catch "In The Zone" on Rogers Cable, Rogers Digital, Bell ExpressVu Starchoice and Videotron each Thursday at 11:30pm in Canada.