Ragga Hop Queen Ms. Triniti - "Eminem is real, I am real"


By: Claude Mills

MsTriniti-DancehallReggae-Beenieman-SexyGirls.jpgTo the casual observer, Ms. Triniti may seem like just another pretty face. But this young woman has got soul, wit and class, and through her unique hybrid sound, she is introducing a whole new generation to Caribbean music.

Ms. Triniti who was born to a Trinidadian father, and an American mother, was raised between the UK and the Caribbean and now resides in Los Angeles, California. A seasoned performer, she has recorded with almost every major producer in her genre. She has put the disappointment of having been signed to and released from Sony/Columbia behind her, and continued to plough along to be a frontrunner a new genre of music - 'ragga-hop', which she defines as an outsize melding of West Indian soca, dancehall, US hip hop and R & B. It is a sound that can be expected to bedazzle and befuddle the uninitiated for here is a girl who looks Caucasian but sounds Caribbean black.

"When I do dancehall, they do a little double-take, they don't get it, but the bottomline is that if you believe in your heart in what you're doing, there is no need to convince yourself, Eminem is real, I am real, I don't feel like I am putting up a front, this is me," she told YardFlex.com.

Triniti is not afraid to show her sensitive side, a no-no sometimes in the rough-and-tumble world of dancehall. On her album, you will find her hybrid of cute, sexy dancehall with pop-like chorus hooks almost disarming. Songs like "Uptown Top Rankin" featuring E-Dee and the nostalgic 'Virtual Reality' shows that she's got good pipes, and great versatility. And she never stops working to finetune her sound.

"I have recorded four songs in 10 days in Jamaica, and it has been a good experience so far," she said during a poolside interview at the Jamaica Pegasus hotel in New Kingston, Jamaica.

During the interview, she would lapse into her pseudo-Jamaican accent. She laughed when we pointed it out to her.

"Sometimes, people ask me why you speaking Jamaican? I use the slang, I speak a little bit of patois, but I do use a bit of Trini slang because I have to rep where I'm from," she said.

Environmentally conscious, she divers a VW which is all at once "energy-efficient, safe because it's got that steel cage, and humble".

Triniti has been steadily gaining recognition for her work. She was 'Itunes Artist of the Week' worldwide during November 2004's downloads. One of her videos, 'Bounce Along' is enjoying favourable rotation on HYPE, while another, 'For the Love of Dancehall' is being broadcast on BET Jazz and MTV Tempo.

She has toured with Ja Rule and Sean Paul, opened for D12, Elephant Man, and Kevin Lyttle. She was recently sought out by Mario Winans after he came across her independently pressed CD.

"Being on the Sean Paul tour was an important thing for my career because I got to play in big stadiums in Japan, and introduce my music to a new crowd who didn't know me. At some of the venues, the crowd knew my music, and they sang along...the energy of the crowd is like a drug, that energy when you connect with the people, it's amazing," she said,

Ms. Trinity has been working on a number of collaborations with Jamaican dancehall artistes. Earlier this year, her song, 'Bling Bling Eyes' with Beenie Man was slated to be on the deejay's recently released 'Undisputed' album.

"However, there was some politics with the producer so it never did. Anyway, I am doing something with Sean, who is now working on his fourth album, so I am looking forward to that experience," she said.