Lust, Betrayal and Friendship - "yuh can tek the AIDS weh him gi me too!”


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MsJacksonsexygirlsnude,xxxbeeniemanseanpaulrihannadancehallphotobabycham.jpgWhat's the deal Dear Reader! This one hot off the presses and it ain't no joke neither! Mi fren Shemi call me and gimme dis one (big up to Shemi and the artist for reminding us all that "Love is a beautiful thing!")

So, you all know how college life is...nuff booze, nuff new friends, nuff schoolwork to do. Well, may I present to you our three characters in this story of lust, betrayal and friendship which I have chosen to call...

"Be careful what you wish for, because you just might get IT"

Tekia and Lavely were two young ladies who met on campus while they were both attending UWI, it just so happened that the two friends fancied the same fella, a bright young Arts student named Orin. Orin was quite taken in by Lavely with her dark hair, chocolate complexion and banging body, not to mention the fact that she was hard-working and placed most of her focus on keeping up her grades. So he started dating her and yuh done know how the Yard man dem do it, likkle ice-cream here, likkle movies and Chiney food there. Not too long after Lavely and Orin became a full blown couple.

Now even though Lavely was one of her good sistren, Tekia was not so happy about this situation, no, no this red-eye biatch knew that Orin's true place was between HER thighs, making sweet love to HER, so she decided she wouldn't stop till she got him to that very place. What aided her plan even more was that Lavely wasn't giving Orin the attention he deserved, instead Lavely go-getter that she was, was most consumed with her studies, because she figured that she and Orin were working towards the same know, graduating top of the class so that they both could get really good jobs that would secure them for their future. But oh lawd here it comes! You know fellas always be intimidated by a woman who has her act together and you know that usually opens the door for needy, trifling women to prey on these men and say stuff like "oh she doesn't have time for you well can I come keep you company". Next ting, Tekia never knew Lavely had it so good, Orin (aw poor lonely baby) gave Tekia some of the most intense orgasms she ever had. Well need I say more? Him lef lovely Lavely for her friend and the two of them all end up marrying each other.

Well I don't think I have to tell you Dear Reader just how distraught Lavely was, betrayed by her friend and her man, she never forgave them for what they did, especially Tekia because that was supposed to have been her girl (or so she thought). Needless to say this whole experience made our Lavely quite a bitter person, yup anytime she would run into Tekia she would gwaan bad, she'd say things like “I wonder who for man she trying to take way now" or "Is that you man-thief? I don't know how you live with yourself". She would say this even when she'd see Tekia with the kids she and Orin had together. It really made for an embarrassing situation more so for Lavely cause all the while Tekia would take the insults in stride, for after all she did have the man, the house and the kids. So if homegirl wanted to act the fool six years after the fact then that was her problem. You snooze you loose kid that's the name of the game!

Fast-forward two years later when big UWI reunion party a keep and the two rivals meet again. By this time Lavely is an investment banker with lots of success and friends but she felt she was missing one thing, the thing that now that her career was in place she yearned for most. Come on, ya'll know what I'm about to say...yup! She wanted her a man and some kids. So, she and Tekia buck and after all these years she can't hold it any longer. The following conversation ensued:

Lavely: "Are you happy that you livin up in yuh big house with your beautiful husband and yuh beautiful pickney dem? I hope you are because all of that was supposed to be mine. Yuh tek weh mi man and yuh tek weh the life that was supposed to be ours. You make me sick"

Now this went on for a while. In front of people and all and yuh done know seh yard people fass so everybody ah wait fi see what Tekia goin say. Then they notice seh Tekia getting a bit nervy till she couldn't tek the talking no more and blurt out:

"If you want him tek back him raas and while you at it yuh can tek the AIDS weh him gi me too!"

Wow....that's gangsta!

This is a true story.

Moral of the story: Lef the people dem man alone! And ladies sometimes you just have to trust in the Almighty, everything happens for a reason. Lavely was killing up herself not realizing that God had allowed her to avoid a life threatening disease. The story also shows just how much we women stick together in tough times, cause same Lavely end up a turn back fren with Tekia to help her through her AIDS crisis and they remain friends till this day. And as for "Whorin Orin" he's just another example of the lame ass negroes we have running around today who want to call themselves men. Men don't give their mates STD's because real men don't cheat and if they do cheat, they ALWAYS think about protecting their partner at home.....LOSERS ya'll aint sh*t and deep down inside you know it. That's why you need a dozen desperate bitches to stroke your egos to help you forget that at the end of the day you aint no king, you just a dumb black mothaf#@$a.

Shout out to Beyonce for giving us the new lady's anthem: "Irreplaceable"!


* At the end of 2003, an estimated 1,039,000 to 1,185,000 persons in the United States were living with HIV/AIDS, with 24-27% undiagnosed and unaware of their HIV infection.


* The AIDS epidemic claimed an estimated 27,000 lives in the Caribbean in 2005, making it the leading cause of death among adults aged 15-44 years. A total of 330,000 people are currently living with HIV in the region, including 27,000 who became infected in 2005. TAKEN FROM:
* The AIDS rate among Black women is three times as high as that among Latino women and 18 times as high as that among White women. Today Black women make up more than half of all women who have died of AIDS.



Dear Ms J

I am with my boyfriend for over eight months now, and every time we have a fuss he tells me he wants back all he has given to me and complains that I haven't done anything for him. He has done this on numerous occasions, and he later apologizes and says he is sorry and didn't mean it. I am getting tired of all this and have decided to leave him, is this the right thing to do?

From NC


Very sorry for just getting back to you girl, it seems your email was misplaced in my spam. I hope all is blessed with you and your family. Anyway getting down to the matter at hand, simply put "YUH NUH FI DEH WID NO MAN THAT WHEN HIM HEAD TEK HIM, WANT BACK TINGS WEH HIM GI YUH!" He is out of order to say that and you must make him aware of this. It may be because he is immature and acting out or maybe him just selfish, only you know the answer to this, either way this type of behavior should not be tolerated. Furthermore, I believe men give us such a hard time in the first place that they need to buy us stuff, so at least we have something to show for all the bullsh*t!

I cannot tell you whether to leave this man or not, you have to weigh the pros and cons of your relationship. All I'm saying is know your worth and know what you're willing to put up with and for heavens sake if you decide to leave him, make sure don’t be fool-fool like my friend who lef the man and gave him back the jewelry he bought her! And always remember "Independence" is key and once you put your mind to it, you can get the things he buys you all on your own. Sky is the limit baby-girl, trust and believe in the Almighty cause yuh done know "who Jah bless no man curse" - Robert Nesta Marley. Jah Rastafari!

Write to me and let me know what's up at Until next month...positive vibrations!