Ziggy Marley Thrills crowd on ‘Love is My Religion’ tour


Ziggy-Marley-Reggaemusic-Jamaica.jpgYardFlex was in the House of Revolutions last night in Fort Lauderdale, Florida where Ziggy Marley was on a leg of his 'Love is My Religion' tour. Ziggy and his band have been on the road since June '06, and the grueling tour ends next year August 2007.

According to Ziggy, it's a hectic schedule and a lot of work However, he is amped about the experience nevertheless,

"I don't mind the work, I love to work, it makes it more meaningful," he told YardFlex.com.

Last night, he worked a tight creative set which was two-and-a-half hours long. Surprisingly, the band and the background vocalists danced the whole set, their bodies sheathed in sweat. He gave the audience the old, the new, personal favourites and of course, some of his dad's music. His mom, looking evergreen, while surrounded by her grandchildren, also danced the whole two-and-half hours showing she is no slouch either.

The Marley family came out in numbers that night as YardFlex.com spotted Damian, Julian, Sharon and the grandchildren attended the concert. But don't get it twisted, the family was not just there to attend as dignitaries, they enjoyed the show, screaming dancing as the eldest Marley son rocked the house. The sentiment was felt among the crowd, there was not a stationary body in the house.
The high point of the night's festivities was the climax of the show when Ziggy performed the title track of his new CD, Love is My Religion' as a drizzle fell from the black sky.

As soon as he started to spit the profoundly conscious lyrics, the heavens appeared to open, and it appeared that God, in all His mysticism, sent rain and His blessings on this most momentous occasion. It was the most magical sight to see Marley's head tilted back to receive the pleasing showers as he belted out 'love is my religion!'. Just looking at the faces of the audience around the reporter, it was clear that they could almost feel the presence of the Most High.

After the exhilarating performance, Mr. Marley gave an in-depth interview on his new album, the tour and his coming of age. It is evident that he now understands his mission. This one-on-one interview will appear in the next issue of YardFlex Magazine.