ICC Cricket World Cup 2007 - Poor ticket sale

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By Melton Williams

CricketBoard-Jamaica-WorldCupCricket.jpgDelroy Taylor, the project officer for the International Cricket Council (ICC) World Cup 2007 is not happy with the purchasing of tickets by Caribbean cricket fans.

The second phase of public ticketing will close on Thursday, November 30 and with three months to go before the Opening Ceremony on March 11, 2007 --- ticket sales have been described by Mr Taylor as 'moderate'. Mr Taylor added that the poor ticket sale is as a result of misunderstanding regarding the price for tickets.
He said: "What we have found out is that the tickets for matches that
involved West Indies are going a lot better.

"We have learnt that Jamaica and Caribbean persons on a whole have not come to the party in the number that we have anticipated. I guess that is due to a couple of things, one of them is that there is a massive degree of misconception, misunderstanding regarding to ticket prices. People are saying that the tickets are priced at US$300.
Checks revealed that ticket price ranges from a high of US$120 to a low of US$15.

To witness the Opening Ceremony, which will be held at the Greenfield
Stadium in Trelawny (north-western Jamaica), cricket fans will have to fork out US$120 for a category one seat. A category two seat will cost US$80, while US$50 will be charged for a category three seat.
Ticket sale will be closed between December 1 and January 2007, during this time specific seats will be assigned to all purchasers.
The third phase is where persons can buy tickets even on match days, but this is only if tickets are available. Ticket offices will be set-up in and outside of the stadiums. Each person can apply for a maximum of four tickets per match, and two persons from one household can apply. Mr Taylor is urging cricket fans to support the Opening Ceremony against the background that it will be a world-class experience.

He said, "the opening ceremony for all major events is really the spectacle, the starting point and something that everyone look forward to and they should look forward to this one.
"This is the largest event that has ever to come to the Caribbean shores and this in itself is an experience. Person in Jamaica, person across the Caribbean must realise that everyone has a part to play in this event and maybe your part is as a supporter or maybe your part is just giving correct information to persons and encouraging people to be a part of it."

The ICC Cricket World Cup will be played in eight territories in the region, each receiving different packages. Jamaica was granted the Yellow Package and will host the Opening Ceremony, one semi-final game and six first round matches. The seven games in Jamaica will be played at Sabina Park. Barbados (venue for the final), Trinidad and Tobago, Guyana, Antigua, St. Lucia, St. Kitts and Nevis and Grenada are the other host countries for cricket's most prestigious tournament.