What's Popping - 'Driver' - more mix up with Buffilous


Buffilous_DancehallSexyGirls-mixup.jpgWell, well, well. It's Thanksgiving again, and even though we no love how the white people dem slaughter off the Indian race inna the 16th century (mi is a gal love my history), we ah work wid it, big cooking ah go gwaan lickle more. Family ting. Right now, it ah snow inna West Palm Beach inna Florida but dat caan cramp we style, Jamaicans can overcome anything. Still, if yu notice, as the weather get more unpredictable, same way the people get unpredictable too, crazy tings ah gwaan out inna the world, look pon the Jamaican accountant who chop up him wife like him ah go store wood fi the winter...but we nah dwell pon the depressing tings too much. Ready fi pap up? Suss-time!


Yo, Gargamel. (Buju voice)Wha dem a do? In comes the thing called big hit song, from the one and only Buju B, 'Driver', ah it ah run the place right now, dem draw it ah Arena during the JLP conference and the place tear down. Dem caan stop Buju, him ah de boss. Mavado ah the hottest voice inna the dancehall, but ah Buju have the biggest song inna the place. Nothing caan stop, yu nuh inna nothing with those guys and yu still ah prosper. Gwaan my yute!


Mi hear say Beenie get boo inna Asylum after him do the song 'bout Bounty Killer face'. Him did a gwaan good wid Product of the Ghetto and him new songs dem, but when him go draw the 'bounty killer face' song, people neva did too love it. Later, Bounty Killer come inna the place, and draw fi him counteraction 'bout the ole dog and ground hog, and get crazy forward. Ah wah happen to dem two deejay ya? Dem love the spotlight eh?

Special bigs up to dancehall deejay Sean Paul who was named favourite male pop/rock artist earlier this week. Nominees for the American Music Awards were chosen based on record sales and winners were selected by a survey of 20,000 listeners.