Peter Tosh's family - "We are Not Gonna Give It Up! - M16 Guitar


petertosh-m16guitar-reggaemusic.jpgMy name is Jawara McIntosh. I am the youngest son of Peter Tosh. It has been almost 20 years since the murder of my father, Winston Hubert McIntosh, better known as the legendary reggae artist and revolutionary Peter Tosh. And it seems even in death he cannot receive justice.

A few days ago it was brought to the attention of the Tosh family, that our father's one of a kind M-16 Stratocaster guitar, which was once thought to be lost, had resurfaced and had been scheduled to be auctioned off by the flashpoint film festival on EBAY. I have decided to release this statement on the behalf of the Tosh family to let the general public know that we are wholeheartedly against this illegal auction scheduled to take place during the Flashpoint Film Festival. This guitar was given to our father by a fan in Los Angeles in 1983 during the Mama Africa World Tour. My brother, Horace Dave McIntosh, has been in contact with Flashpoint Film Festival and Marlene Brown, and is hoping to come to an agreement.

We would like the people of Jamaica and across the globe, who are interested in this auction, to know that they are bidding on stolen property. After Peter was brutally murdered in home many of his personal belongings came up missing, this guitar is one of those items. The Tosh family is doing everything in their power to see that this auction does not take place and wants the world to be aware of this injustice. We are Not Gonna Give It Up!

-Jawara Gamal McIntosh