Kartel (Addi the Techa) responds to 'Baby Daddy' song with D'Angel


By: Claude Mills
Photo by: Carlington Wilmot

VybzKartel-Addi-The-Teacha-D'angel-CarlingtonWilmot-Yardflex.jpgVybz Kartel has been in the lab working with the young genius, Stephen McGregor, on a couple of songs. One of those songs is 'Imagine', a remarkable magnus opus of a song that paints a portrait of what the world would be like were the structures of world economics, politics, and power different. The song also attempts to formulate creative solutions, from a black man's perspective, to some of the problems such as poverty, hunger and crime which the world faces today.

"Right now, I am working on some different songs, I have 12 exclusive tracks completed which will appear on my upcoming album, 'Vybz Kartel Presents Addi the Techa', it ah go mad," he told YardFlex.com.

The deejay denied that a recent collaboration he did with fellow deejay, D'Angel was an overt diss of Bounty Killer. He said that he had no intention of dissing the 'Killer'.

"Mi just build a song fi Arthur Wails and him say him have a girl fi sing pon it and dem mi find out say ah D'Angel, ah so the ting go," he explained.

When you found out it was 'D'Angel, did you have second thoughts?

"No, 'cause ah Arthur Wail that, ah mi link. Yu dun know star, we just ah do we ting, ah Portmore mi come from, and ultimately ah Killer form the Alliance so if Bounty Killer say Kartel no inna the Alliance, him just no inna the Alliance. It nuh mek me a better or a worse person, mi ah still the same Vybz Kartel, aka Addi the Techa."