Idonia's thugs threatened to cut reporter in face

Webmin photo editor and minority shareholder Carlington Wilmot has been threatened by persons thought to be affiliated to dancehall deejay Idonia because of a story that was aired on a 30 minute YardFlex entertainment programme on HYPE TV recently. The segment was centred around upcoming deejay Deva Brat who has been involved in a public feud with Idonia.

The matter was reported to the Grants Pen Police last Friday.

"The person called to say that 'p**&hole Carlington, yu diss the deejay, and we ah cut yu inna yu face when we see you 'cause we tell yu nuffi do no Deva Brat story'. They had threatened me before we did the interview segment on Deva Brat. Dem say if me do the story, dem ah go page me, and tings ah go happen to me. I had asked Idonia what his comments were, and he said he had no comments. They said I must not even put that he had no comments," Mr. Wilmot said.

"They said that me mustn't bother do that story none at all. I take these threats very seriously, and further, these artistes need to know that such a threat is a violation of freedom of the press, which is a guarantee by a government of free public press for its citizens and their associations. I should be free to share my ideas, and to express myself in writing or any other creative way. I did nothing wrong to belittle the artiste and I will not be intimidated."